Apply Now ButtonThe Bachelors programs provide sound foundations in various aspects of both human and physical geography. Human geographers study the interaction between people and their environment from the geographic perspectives of space, place, scale, and process. Physical geographers study the nature of the Earth’s surface and atmosphere.

Examples of what we study in Human Geography include urban inequality; demographic change; sustainable transportation; natural resource uses and limitations; food systems; cultural landscapes; international development; globalization and geopolitics; and adaptation to climate change. A unique discipline with an integrative understanding of economic, political and cultural change.

Examples of what we study in Physical Geography include the ecosystems of Canada and the world; weather, climate, and climate change; water and ice distribution and processes; plants and soils and their roles in the global ecosystem; landforms and how they develop; permafrost and development in the north.

The Bachelor of Globalization and International Studies (BGInS) is jointly offered by the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences and the Faculty of Public Affairs. It is intended for students who want to learn more about, and engage constructively with, the world in which we live.

Undergraduate Administrator

  • Karen Tucker
  • Contact for questions about your audit, course selection and program requirements.

Undergraduate Human Geography Program Supervisor

Undergraduate Physical Geography Program Supervisor