GEOG/ENST 4007 (Special Topics in Geography & Environmental Studies)

Core Objectives of Localizing Food Systems Field Course

  •  To develop a deeper understanding of localizing food systems, using the Ottawa “foodshed” (eastern Ontario/ western Québec) as a case study;
  • To understand the challenges and opportunities associated with local food systems;
  • To experience various components of a food system, with a focus on community based initiatives;
  • To perceive the social innovations and physical infrastructure required to build a just and vibrant sustainable local food system;
  • To understand how discourses of local and sustainable and justice are invoked by different actors, and to what ends;
  • To delineate between related concepts of food security, food sovereignty, and food justice;
  • To explore the challenges faced by small- and medium-scale local producers; and,
  • To consider global social movements present in Ottawa.

This class is a hybrid of compulsory field trips and seminars. Three compulsory regional field trips took place in the early fall: September 15, September 29, and October 13. (Transportation provided.) There was also 4 x 3-hour seminars: September 11, October 30, November 13, and November 27.