Undergraduate Calendar Geomatics Courses

Course Outlines 2020/2021

Please be aware of the dates on the following course outlines. Some may be from previous academic years. We update them on this website continuously as they are received.



Course Title


GEOM1004 Fall Maps, Satellites and the Geospatial Revolution Murray Richardson
GEOM 1004 Winter Maps, Satellites and the Geospatial Revolution Kevin Hamdan
GEOM 2007 Fall Geographic Information Systems
GEOM 2007 Winter Geographic Information Systems
GEOM 3002 Fall Introduction to Remote Sensing Evan Seed
GEOM3005 Fall Geospatial Analysis Dipto Sarkar
GEOM 3005 Winter Geospatial Analysis Dipto Sarkar
GEOM 3007 Winter Cartographic Theory and Design Peter Pulsifer
GEOM 4001 Winter Internet GIS Dipto Sarkar
GEOM 4003 Winter Remote Sensing of the Environment
GEOM 4005 Fall/Winter Directed Studies in Geomatics Murray Richardson
GEOM 4008 Fall Advanced Topics in Geographic Information Systems Scott Mitchell
GEOM 4009 Winter Applications in Geographic Information Systems Derek Mueller
GEOM 4406 Fall/Winter Practicum I John Milton
GEOM 4408 Fall/Winter Practicum II John Milton
GEOM 4906 Fall/Winter Honours Research Project Murray Richardson
GEOM 4909 Fall/Winter Honours Research Thesis Murray Richardson