Undergraduate Calendar Environmental Studies

Course Outlines 2020/2021

Please be aware of the dates on the following course outlines. Some may be from previous academic years. We update them on this website continuously as they are received.



Course Title


ENST 1000 Fall Introduction to Environmental Studies David Hugill
ENST 1020 Fall People, Places and Environments Sheryl-Ann Simpson
ENST 1020 Winter People, Places & Environments Luke Struckman
ENST 2000 Winter Environmental Justice Sheryl-Ann Simpson
ENST 2001 Fall Sustainable Futures Jamie Brownlee
ENST 2005 Fall Introduction to Qualitative Research Sophie Tamas
ENST 2006 Winter Intro to Quantitative Research Sheryl-Ann Simpson
ENST 2500 Fall Climate Change: SS Perspectives Vladimir Cuellar Diaz
ENST 3000 Winter Nature, Environment and Society Karen Hebert
ENST 3022 Winter Environmental and Natural Resources John Milton
ENST 3900 Fall Honours Field Course John Milton
ENST 3900 Winter Honours Field Course Derek Smith, Stephan Gruber
ENST 4000 Winter Seminar: The Politics of the Anthropocene David Hugill
ENST 4001 Fall/Winter Practicum I John Milton
ENST 4002 Fall/Winter Practicum II John Milton
ENST 4005 Fall/Winter Directed Studies in Environmental Studies Jill Wigle
ENST 4006 Winter Environmental Policy Analysis Mary Trudeau
ENST 4022 Winter Seminar in People, Resources, and Environmental Change John Milton
ENST 4400 Fall/Winter Field Studies Jill Wigle
ENST 4906 Fall/Winter Honours Research Project Jill Wigle
ENST 4907 Fall/Winter Honours Research Essay Jill Wigle