Photo of Eric Noden

Eric Noden

Canadian Coast Guard

Degrees:Graduated with BA Hons in Environmental Studies in Winter 2018

This summer, I was given the opportunity to act as a crewmember for the Canadian Coast Guard response station for the conception bay area, which included a variety of roles and responsibilities in the environmental field. It was an amazing opportunity that had huge benefits for me and my future. I worked in the IRB program, and completed many environmental projects. These included logging weather data, patrolling for Pollution events, and in some cases, assisting in managing them. As somebody who hopes to work in Environmental Response for the Coast Guard, this presented a unique and valuable opportunity for me to experience my desired position and gain experience in the field. Overall, I had a very positive experience, and had the opportunity to gain a lot of valuable skills. I’m proud of the organization I work for, and I stand by their values. I hope that in the future I have the same opportunity to work for them as an Environmental Response Specialist.