Staff & Faculty

Scott Mitchell

Natalie Pressburger
Departmental Administrator

Natalia Fierro Marquez
Administrative Assistant to Chair

EJErin Johnston
Graduate Programs Administrator

EddyJudy Eddy
Undergraduate Administrator

NikaNika Linseman
Programs Support Officer


Quang Ngo




Michael Brklacich

Human-Environment Systems; Science and Practice; Human Security, Vulnerability, and Environment Change

chrisChristopher Burn

Permafrost and ground ice; Physical geography of northwest Canada; Late Georgian natural philosophers


Douglas King
(On Sabbatical 2017-2018)
Remote Sensing; Spatial-temporal modelling, mapping, monitoring; Vegetation, habitat, biodiversity

Associate Professors

ballamingie-photoPatricia Ballamingie
Localizing food systems & sustainable community; Community-university partnerships; Environmental conflict & deliberative democracy

ec-for-carleton-web2-400pxEmilie Cameron
(on leave 2017-18)
Critical northern geographies; Resource extraction, empire, and labour; Anti-colonialism, anti-racism, political economy

stephanStephan Gruber

Permafrost and impacts of its thaw; Combining simulations and field measurements; Understanding heterogeneous environments

Elyn Humphreys

Carbon cycling; Energy budgets; Soil-plant-atmosphere interactions in tundra and peatlands

Gita2Gita Ljubicic

Inuit language, knowledge, and environments; Linking Inuit and scientific knowledge; Cross-cultural, collaborative research and education

joyceJoyce Lundberg

Karst, the geomorphology of landscapes of dissolution; Biogeomorphology in karst, the impact of bats and birds on caves; Paleo-environmental reconstruction from cave calcites and sediments

scott 160Scott Mitchell
Spatial pattern & environmental processes; Global change impacts on agriculture; Biodiversity and ecosystem services

Derek Mueller
Impacts of climate change to the cryosphere; Break-up of Arctic ice shelves; Drift and deterioration of ice islands

murrayMurray Richardson

Watershed ecosystems; Ecosystem sensitivity to atmospheric mercury pollution; Environmental geocomputation: GIS, remote sensing and statistical modelling

smithDerek Smith

Indigenous resource use and forest conservation; Participatory mapping methodologies; Mayan geographic knowledge of the cultural landscape


Jill Wigle

The spatial governance of informality; The politics of land use regulation; Land, housing and the right to the city; Urban food security and informality; Anti-poverty programs and urban security.

Assistant Professors


Karen Hébert

Environmental politics in the subarctic North; Resource industries and commercial fisheries; Struggles over sustainability

David Hugill

Pablo Mendez

Housing markets and the uses of housing; Rents, finance, and global urbanisms; Developmentalism & household debt

Jen 2Jennifer Ridgley

Cities: Critical labour, political, and legal geographies; Citizenship, border security, immigration, migration; Urban policing and law enforcement

SophieSophie Tamas

Arts-based and narrative-based research; Post-traumatic bodies, places and things; Emotion, affect, identity and change

JesseJesse Vermaire

Impacts of climate warming and nutrient enrichment on lakes and streams; Ecosystem resilience, regime shifts, and recovery in freshwater systems;


DanAtZacksDan Patterson

Programming, application development in GIS and unconventional applications of GIS


John Milton
Workplace/Experiential Learning; Practicum Coordinator/Co-op Advisor; Manager, Geomatics Labs

Paul Williams
Workplace/Experiential Learning: cultural/ historical geographer, collaborative class and individual projects with senior undergraduate students

Kevin Hamdan

Forest Soils and Ecology; Climate Change; Sustainability

Distinguished Research Professors


D. R. Fraser Taylor


John Clarke

Cross Appointed to Geography and Environmental Studies
Contract Instructors
Fall Term 2017 Winter Term 2018
Professors Emeritus
Adjunct Research Professors
 Adjunct Professors