Photo of Stephen Wolfe

Stephen Wolfe

Adjunct Research Professor

Degrees:B.Sc. (Carleton), M.Sc. (Queen's), Ph.D. (Guelph)


Dr .Wolfe is a research scientist in the areas of permafrost and eolian geomorphology. Dr. Wolfe leads a Geological Survey of Canada project on Northern land-based infrastructure risks to climate change, and heads TRACS (Transportation Risk in the Arctic to Climatic Sensitivity). He has published more than 50 articles on the topics of climate change impacts to geomorphic processes in Canada on the topics of drought, wind erosion (and wind energy), permafrost, and coastal processes. He has edited several journal issues on the topic of paleo-environmental change on the Great Plains of US and Canada and on eolian geomorphology. He has also edited a series of GSC publications on the response of active geomorphic processes to climate change. Dr. Wolfe’s present research interests pertain to ground ice and permafrost in the discontinuous-to-continuous permafrost zone within the sub-arctic and on detecting present and future risks to infrastructure due to disturbance or climate change.

Research Interests

Permafrost processes and landforms within discontinuous to continuous permafrost, and their relation to climate change and northern development. Formation and evolution of continental eolian landforms in Canada: the relation to past climate, geomorphic processes and effect of future environmental change

Current Projects

Permafrost-ecological relations within “warm” discontinuous permafrost

Relations between ground ice and geomorphic processes

Detecting present and historical change in permafrost and ecological conditions

Climate change risks to northern transportation infrastructure

Late Holocene geomorphic history of the Great Slave Lake basin

Recent and Late-Holocene dune activity in western Canada

Recent Projects

Optical dating of sand dunes in the Canadian prairie provinces

Nearsurface permafrost and processes in the Western Canadian Arctic

Eolian processes in the southern Canadian Rocky Mountains

Active-layer thicknesses in response to climatic variables

Recent Publications

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