Photo of Assistant Professor & William Dawson Scholar Blane Harvey

Assistant Professor & William Dawson Scholar Blane Harvey

Climate change impacts and adaptation in the Global South; Social learning and knowledge co-production; Participatory and collaborative research methods

Degrees:BA (Ottawa), MA, PhD (McGill)

Academic Summary

• Interdisciplinary scholar working across the social and natural sciences. Specific interests include: Leadership and learning in climate change adaptation and sustainable development; The politics and practice of knowledge co-production, knowledge brokering and organisational learning; Indigenous knowledges and environmental change.
• Growing body of scholarly contributions with 3 special issues; 26 articles in peer-reviewed journals; 8 book chapters.
• Strong record of research funding (CAD$385,093 as PI, ca. $7 million as co-Investigator/collaborator since Aug. 2017)
• Extensive experience advising national governments, funding bodies, and international agencies on the effective design of collaborative research and programming on resilience, sustainability and climate change adaptation.
• Active contributor to the United Nations climate change negotiations process since 2003 with a focus on training and capacity building to support adaptation in developing countries.
• Contributing author on Indigenous Knowledge and Climate Change in Africa (Chapter 22) and expert reviewer for the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s 5th and 6th Assessment Reports.

Peer Reviewed Journal Articles

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