Photo of Professor Joyce Lundberg (retired)

Professor Joyce Lundberg (retired)

Karst - the geomorphology of landscapes of dissolution; Biogeomorphology in karst - the impact of bats on caves; Paleo-environmental reconstruction from cave calcities and sediments

Degrees:B.Sc. (Trinity College), M.Sc. (Austrialian National), Ph.D. (McMaster)


Joyce Lundberg was educated in Trinity College, Dublin, Australia National University, Canberra (M.Sc), Bristol University (PGCE), and McMaster University, Hamilton (Ph,D). She joined the faculty in 1990. Her research interests centre around sea level change and paleoclimatology (using radiometric dating of cave calcites and fossil coral) but she maintains an on-going concern with karst geomorphology, both arctic and tropical. She retired July 2020.

Research Interests

  • Quaternary sea level change
  • Karst geomorphology and speleology
  • Paleoclimate and geochronology of carbonates


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