Photo of Associate Professor Pablo Mendez

Associate Professor Pablo Mendez

Housing and metropolitan change; Urban economies, markets, and livelihoods; Sustainable urbanization

Degrees:B.A Honours (SFU), M.A. (UBC), Ph.D. (UBC)
Phone:613-520-2600 x 2575
Office:B441 LA


I use qualitative and quantitative research methods to study a wide range of housing related questions in an urban context, from the relationship between access to shelter and people’s livelihoods to the ways housing markets shape the metropolitan built environment. My current project examines the links between housing affordability and sustainable transportation with a focus on the experience of young adults in Canadian cities. I am keen to work with students seeking to develop their knowledge of urban issues, especially (but not exclusively) students with data analysis and/or GIS skills. Please note that unfortunately I do not have funding to support international students.

Research Interests:

  • Housing and metropolitan change
  • Urban economies, markets, and livelihoods
  • Sustainable urbanization

2022 – 2023 Courses:

  • GEOG 1023 Fall – Introduction to Cities and Urbanization
  • GEOG 2200 Fall/Televised – Global Connections
  • GEOG 3404 Winter – Geographies of Economic Development

Recent Publications:

Ley, David, Alison Mountz, Pablo Mendez, Loretta Lees, Margaret Walton-Roberts, Ilse Helbrecht (2020) Housing Vancouver, 1972–2017: A personal urban geography and a professional response. The Canadian Geographer / Le Géographe canadien 64(4): 438-466.

Mendez, P. (2019) Economic restructuring and housing markets in Vancouver: The role of secondary suites. BC Studies 200 (Winter): 187-214.

Mendez, P. (2018) Encounters with difference in the subdivided house: The case of secondary suites in Vancouver. Urban Studies 55(6): 1274-1289.

Mendez, P. (2017) Linkages between the formal and informal sectors in a Canadian housing market: Vancouver and its secondary suite rentals. The Canadian Geographer / Le Géographe canadien 61(4): 550-563.

Mendez, P. (2016) Professional experts and lay knowledge in Vancouver’s accessory apartment rental market. Environment and Planning A 48(11): 2223-2238.

Mendez, P. and N. Quastel (2015) Subterranean commodification: Informal housing and the legalization of basement suites in Vancouver from 1928 to 2009. International Journal of Urban and Regional Research 39(6): 1155–1171.

Mendez, P., Moos, M. and Osolen, R. (2015) Driving the commute: Getting to work in the auto-mobility city. In A. Walks (Ed.). The Urban Political Economy and Ecology of Automobility: Driving Cities, Driving Inequality, Driving Politics. Routledge.

Moos, M. and P. Mendez (2015) Suburban ways of living and the geography of income: How homeownership, single-family dwellings and automobile use define the metropolitan social space. Urban Studies 52(10): 1864-1882.

Moos, M., P. Mendez, L. McGuire, E. Wyly, A. Kramer, R. Walter-Joseph, M. Williamson (2015) More continuity than change? Re-evaluating the contemporary socio-economic and housing characteristics of suburbs. Canadian Journal of Urban Research 24(2): 64-90.