Photo of Associate Professor David Hugill

Associate Professor David Hugill

Urban geography and North American cities; Imperial and colonial urbanisms; Urban political economy and the “Sharing Economy”

Phone:613-520-2600 x 8689
Office:B448 Loeb


I’m a broadly trained human geographer with research interests in urban geography, colonial urbanisms, and inner-city neighbourhood change. If there is a single theoretical commitment that unites my research, it is an interest in understanding how and why certain inequitable social relations persist in North American cities.

At present, I am working with graduate students that are pursuing qualitative research projects on a range of urban topics. I am always eager to hear from prospective students that think Carleton might be a good place to pursue their research passion.

Before joining DGES in 2018, I spent time in great research environments at York University (as a PhD student from 2009-2015), the University of Minnesota (as a visiting scholar in 2011-2012), and Simon Fraser University (as a post-doc from 2015 to 2017).

2023 Fall Courses

ENST 1000 Fall – Introduction to Environmental Studies
ENST 2005 Fall – Introduction to Qualitative Research

2024 On Sabbatical

Recent Publications

  1. The Settler Colonial City in Three Movements,” Progress in Human Geography (with Michael Simpson).

2022 [2019]. “Racial Capitalism and the Production of Settler Colonial Cities”Geoforum  (with Heather Dorries and Julie Tomiak).

2021. Settler Colonial City: Racism and Inequity in Postwar Minneapolis. University of Minnesota Press.

2019. “Racial Capitalism and the Production of Settler Colonial Cities”Geoforum  (with Heather Dorries and Julie Tomiak). PDF

2019 (Ed.). Settler City Limits: Indigenous Resurgence and Colonial Violence in the Urban Prairie West. University of Manitoba Press (Canada) and Michigan State University Press (US). Edited by Heather Dorries, Robert Henry, David Hugill, Tyler McCreary and Julie Tomiak.

2018. “You Get Exactly What You Fight For and Nothing More: Drug User Organizing in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside,” an interview with Ann Livingston. Upping the Anti (with Michael C.K. Ma).

2017. “What is a Settler-Colonial City?,” Geography Compass, 11(5): 1-11. DOI: 10.1111/gec3.12315 (Published online May 2017). PDF