Quick Start Guide – Top 3 things you need to know

How to Log In (more info)
  1. Go to carleton.ca/culearn
  2. Login with your MyCarletonOne Account
How to Add files
  1. Login to your course
  2. Click Turn Editing On
  3. Find the file you want to add on your computer
  4. Drag-and-drop the file onto your course page
How to Show the Course To Students
(more info)
  1. Go to the Administration block/section on the left side of your course homepage
  2. Click on Edit Settings
  3. Near the top of the edit page, change the Visible drop down menu option to Show
  4. Click Save changes

cuLearn Sample Course for Instructors (Play with all the tools)

Add yourself to our cuLearn sample course to take a tour and explore all the cuLearn tools available to you.  For more information, please see our Open-Enrolment News Post.

To go directly to the open-enrolment course: cuLearn open-enrolment

 Frequently Asked Question Topics

Most Common FAQs

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 Add Course Content

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  Survey Tools

 Course reports

 Need help?

Technical and Account – ITS
613-520-2600 x3700 its.service.desk@carleton.

Course Development & How To’s – EDC
613-520-2600 x4433 edtech@carleton.ca

Plugin Request

Have you come across a Moodle plugin that might be a great addition to cuLearn?
Let us know via the Plugin Request Page