Our new publication “Hardening Systems Against Data Corruption Attacks at Design Time ” is now available online. This is the work of MASc student, John Breton.In this work, we present a method and tool called Dubhe that can be employed during the design phase of development to harden systems against data corruption attacks. We highlight the benefits of this approach by applying it to an online seller of merchandise system to analyze various ”what-if” scenarios with different defence objectives. Using our approach, Dubhe (1) analyzes the XML form of UML activity diagrams created to define the behavioural view of the system, (2) determines optimal locations for data sanitization using novel protection techniques and activity centrality concepts, and (3) communicates the results to the designers so that they can incorporate the suggestions back into their system designs.  This paper was was presented at the 16th International Symposium on Foundations & Practice of Security (FPS 2023) in December 2023. See Publications for more details!