Polaris: Structural Security Posture Analysis Tool

Polaris is a web-based system modelling and analysis tool to design, analyze, and manage the structural security posture of a software system. It allows anyone with a web browser to design and analyze the structural security posture of their system. Polaris simplifies the structural security posture analysis into three steps: Design, Analyze, and Summarize.

Polaris helps system architects, developers, evaluators, and certifiers analyze their system’s structural security posture. Structural security posture is a security evaluation approach to evaluate a system’s preparedness to deal with knowable threats based on its structural view and to enhance the developer’s security knowledge of the system. The structural security posture uses a collection of metrics to reflect a system’s security. It also leverages external data sources to guide the identification of vulnerabilities (thanks to integration with Merak). Polaris also enables practitioners to perform what-if analyses to improve their system’s security and make appropriate design decisions.

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