The CyberSEA Research Lab is actively seeking graduate students at both the Master’s and Ph.D. levels to fill a number of funded research positions for a variety of projects.

We are looking for suitable candidates with research interests and background in one or more of the following areas, including but not limited to, cyber security evaluation and assurance, threat modeling, security-by-design, and formal methods and data-driven approaches for software and security engineering. We are especially interested in students with a background in Software Engineering, Systems Engineering, and/or Computer Science.

Available Ph.D. Positions

Available Master’s Positions

How to Apply:

If you have a suitable background and are interested in working in these research topics:

  1. Please contact the Lab Director with a CV and Statement of Interest detailing your research interests, background, and experience; and/or
  2. Please include the name of the Lab Director (Dr. Jason Jaskolka) in your official application (especially on the preference form) so that your file is brought to his attention.

For more information on the application process for graduate studies at Carleton University, please see:

All candidates must satisfy the Minimum Admission Requirements for Graduate Programs at Carleton University. International candidates must also ensure that they satisfy the English as a Second Language Requirements. In all cases, these requirements will be strictly enforced when evaluating an application for admission.