Implicit Interactions Analysis Tool

The Implicit Interactions Analysis Tool has been designed and developed to support the “Cybersecurity Assurance for Critical Infrastructure” project in collaboration with the Critical Infrastructure Resilience Institute (CIRI) at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Critical infrastructure systems including water and wastewater distribution systems, transportation systems, communications networks, manufacturing facilities, and energy systems consist of components linked in complex ways. This can lead to unforeseen interactions among components that may not be expected or intended by the designers and operators of the system. The presence of these implicit interactions in a system can indicate unforeseen flaws that, if not mitigated, could result in the loss of system stability.

The Implicit Interactions Analysis Tool automates the methods and approaches for identifying and analyzing the existence of implicit interactions in system designs and specifications. The tool supports system designers and integrators in identifying and analyzing implicit interactions in critical systems that have been specified using the Communicating Concurrent Kleene Algebra (C2KA) modelling framework. It identifies the set of implicit interactions given the C2KA specification of a system and the specification of the set of intended interactions. It also computes the severity, exploitability, and the set of attack scenarios for the identified set of implicit interactions.

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