1. Virtual Events Best Practices
  2. Virtual Event Feedback Form
  3. Virtual Events Forum
  4. Virtual Events Tools

Virtual Events Best Practices

Please click here to view the best practices for hosting virtual events.

Virtual Events Best Practices: Download (PDF, 229 KB)

Virtual Event Feedback Form

Help us to make the Virtual Events Best Practices document more relevant and current by submitting your feedback after hosting or participating in a virtual event. We will post your comments below.

Virtual Events Forum

The Virtual Events Forum features feedback from Carleton University event coordinators relating to virtual events.

Virtual Events Tools

These images has been designed to work as background images for Microsoft Teams and/or Zoom. Simply upload this image to your event site.

Please click the thumbnail below to view a larger version of the backgrounds, or click the download link below each thumbnail.

Carleton University Zoom Background

Background A: Download (JPG, 362 KB)

Carleton University Zoom Background

Background B: Download (JPG, 364 KB)