Media Relations

Want some communications advice or training to deal with journalists?
University Communications can provide strategic advice, help you with messaging and develop briefing notes and other communications tools. We hold group media training sessions at least once a month and we’re available to do one-on-one sessions as well. Contact Beth Gorham at ext. 2234.

Web Services

Want assistance with your Web site?
We provide page setups and design advice. Contact our web administrator Jesse Plunkett at ext. 1406.

Event Planning

Need help planning an event?
We can provide logistical support and equipment. Contact Sally Babson at ext. 3518.

Social Media

Looking to promote an event?
Start by submitting your event to the Carleton Events Calendar at Then call us to discuss ways of attracting attendees and media.

Graphic Design

Need a poster distributed to the campus community?
The Department of University Communications no longer distributes posters. But you are welcome to post them on any of our 18 bulletin boards across campus. Please be aware that the bulletin boards are only for the use of Carleton staff, faculty and students. The boards are emptied at the end of each month. Your posters should adhere to Carleton’s regulations under its posting policy, which can be found by clicking here.

Internal Communications

Looking to spread the word around campus?
There are a range of internal communications vehicles available to you.


Looking to get the word out to the media about your research or projects? Contact Beth Gorham at ext. 2234.  You can also submit a story idea to the department by filling out this form

Marketing and Branding

Looking for graphic design help?
Get help with brochures or posters from by filling out the Project Request Form or call Greg MacDonald at ext. 8707.