Carleton Initiative Delivers Orientation For Newly Arrived Diplomats November 5, 2011

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Close to 100 diplomats attended a Welcome to Ottawa Orientation at Carleton University to provide information to facilitate professional and social integration of newly arrived diplomats and their families.  The orientation consisted of sessions on How Canada Works, Effective Diplomacy in Ottawa – Best Practices, Lessons to be Learned and Social and Family Integration.

Participants included Former Minister of Foreign Affairs Lawrence Cannon, Canadian Defence and Foreign Affairs Institute Vice President Colin Robertson, Parliamentary Centre CEO Jean-Paul Ruskowski, and Dr. Fen Hampson, Director of the Norman Paterson School of International Affairs.  Dr. John Osborne, Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences opened the orientation and Carleton President Dr. Roseann Runte offered closing remarks.

Following the sessions, there was a lunch and resource fair that involved government and private organizations that provide services to diplomats in areas such as education, tourism, culture, recreation, social clubs, publications, volunteering and children’s issues.  Participants included the City of Ottawa, Parent Resource Centre, National Arts, the Ottawa Diplomatic Association, Volunteer Ottawa, the Library of Parliament, Canadian Federation of University Women, Embassy Magazine and others.