EngageParlDiplo: Innovative programming for Canada’s policymakers and diplomats on crucial policy issues

The Parliamentary Centre, in partnership with Carleton University, has established EngageParlDiplo, a unique program where decision-makers and diplomats dialogue about crucial issues affecting Canada’s governance and global influence.

EngageParlDiplo builds on the tremendous success of the Carleton Initiative for Parliamentary and Diplomatic Engagement which, since its founding in 2011, delivered orientation sessions for newly elected Members of Parliament after the last three federal elections and ten annual orientations for newly arrived diplomats to Canada. The initiative has also supported dialogues about vital public policy issues. Since its founding, hundreds of parliamentarians, staffers and diplomats attended panels on issues including cybersecurity and artificial intelligence; Canada’s military, trade and diplomatic relationships; emergency preparedness; energy; food, housing and water. To date, over 250 Members of Parliament and diplomats representing more than 100 countries, including more than 80 Ambassadors and High Commissioners, have engaged in the highly regarded programming.

Building on this foundation, EngageParlDiplo is excited to introduce Global Dialogues, bringing sharper focus to critical questions regarding global democracy, peace and stability. The dialogues will explore important contemporary foreign policy issues by inviting important actors in Canada and abroad to the table. These will include leading domestic and international academics, legislators, business and industry leaders, and organizations in foreign policy, democracy support, development, and security sectors.

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