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More than 100 diplomats, Carleton faculty, students and guests attended the Election Primer For Diplomats held Monday, September 28, 2015 at Carleton University’s River Building.

Tom Clark, Global’s Chief Chief Political Correspondent for Global News and host of The West Block with Tom Clark, moderated the panel on the 42nd Canadian general election.

Christopher Waddell, associate professor, former director of the Carleton School of Journalism and Communication and former CBC Parliamentary Bureau Chief, provided a short overview of the Canadian electoral system, including seat distribution, turnout, and television coverage.

There are two unresolved questions, according to Bruce Anderson, principal of Anderson Insight and chair of Abacus Data: how many people want change and which version of change they will choose.  Mr. Anderson interpreted polling date on national and regional vote intentions and what type of change voters are seeking.

Susan Delacourt, author, political commentator, columnist for the Toronto Star and iPolitics, and Fellow of Carleton’s School of Political Management, outlined why foreign policy is playing a continuing and important role in this election

Members of the audience asked about the possibility of a coalition, pluralities needed to govern, the place of women in the campaign and political system, the role of economic issues, and whether Canada has moved permanently to a more centre-right position.

Notes taken by Veronica Green, Master’s Candidate, Carleton School of Journalism and Communication available here.