Ingenious - Winter 2018 15 to be finalized, Ranasinghe feels fortunate to be a part of something that will potentially impact the industry on a global scale. “It’s been incredible having the chance to work on a project that’s so far-reaching,” he says. “I never expected I’d be able to put something like this on my resume before I’ve even graduated.” Having supervised numerous Carleton co-ops over the years, Young-Davies has experienced first-hand how immersing students in real-world settings enables them to thrive. In looking at the high-flying success Guy and Ranasinghe have achieved at DRS Technologies Canada, he’s not surprised by the pair’s ingenuity. “Having the opportunity to become involved with industry always brings out the best in students,” he says. “It familiarizes them with emerging technology and systems, helps them develop important technical and task planning skills, and teaches them how to become effective communicators among other working professionals.” Young-Davies also highlights the success he’s experienced with Carleton’s co-op program to date. “Having also worked with Carleton to develop a co-op program at a previous company, it was relatively simple to establish something similar with DRS Technologies Canada,” he notes. “We are now in our third year of co-ops and we are enjoying top notch students from a range of engineering disciplines.” Moving forward into 2018, DRS Technologies Canada plans to hire additional co-op students from Carleton to help further develop elements of the flight recorder as it begins rolling out on runways all over the world. “The students we bring in during the new year will be focusing on the ADFR unit itself,” says Young-Davies. “In working alongside our mechanical, electrical, and systems engineering experts, they’ll be helping to develop and test the recorder’s internal components to ensure that when the time comes, everything will be cleared for takeoff.” Those interested in becoming a co-op employer or looking to find out more about Carleton’s co-op program are encouraged to contact the Faculty of Engineering and Design’s Corporate Relations Officer, Robin McLaughlin, by phone at 613-520-2600 ext. 1868 or by e-mail at Beginning in 2019, Leonardo DRS (in collaboration with L3 Technologies) will debut its ADFR on Airbus’ A350 XWB jet airliner, marking the first use of deployable recorder technology among commercial passenger flight operations. The unit will be subsequently installed on future Airbus aircraft, with the potential to be retrofitted to the company’s existing fleet. (Photo courtesy Airbus)