18 carleton.ca/engineering-design New Directors Appointed to Schools of Industrial Design and Information Technology The Faculty of Engineering and Design is pleased to announce associate professor Bjarki Hallgrimsson as the School of Industrial Design’s newly appointed director, effective July 1, 2017, along with associate professor Chris Joslin’s appointment as new director for the School of Information Technology, effective September 1, 2017. Having first joined the School of Industrial Design in 2003, Professor Hallgrimsson has been a valued member of the Carleton community for more than a decade. In addition to being an active author and researcher, he currently sits on the advisory board of the Research Education Accessibility and Design (READ) initiative at Carleton and specializes in designing assistive devices for people with disabilities. He also served previously as the School’s acting director during the 2012-13 academic year. Professor Hallgrimsson also continues to work extensively with students in Africa through partnerships with non- governmental organizations (NGOs) and was recently awarded the Network of Africa Designers award “for exemplary service and dedication in promotion of the Africa Design Agenda.” To date, he has helped to provide 17 undergraduate and graduate design students with the opportunity to travel to Tanzania and Uganda to take part in fieldwork assignments. The Faculty of Engineering and Design would also like to acknowledge the outstanding commitment of Professor Thomas Garvey, who demonstrated immense dedication to both faculty and students as the School’s long-time former director over the past 10 years. Professor Chris Joslin also joined the Carleton community over a decade ago, becoming the third-ever faculty member appointed to the (then recently established) School of Information Technology in 2005. Specializing his research in areas such as signal processing, real-time computer graphics and animation, and virtual environment systems, Joslin also actively teaches both undergraduate and graduate students and serves as the coordinator of Carleton’s highly acclaimed Interactive Multimedia and Design program. Before accepting his role as Information Technology’s new director, Joslin was preceded by associate professor and Photonics and Laser Technology coordinator Christopher Smelser, who led the School in tremendous fashion as its acting director over the previous year. Photos: Ainslie Coghill Associate professor Bjarki Hallgrimsson (left) and associate professor Chris Joslin were recently appointed as directors for the School of Industrial Design and School of Information Technology respectively.