Editor: Adam Landry The Faculty of Engineering and Design has long prided itself upon developing innovations with real-world application. In an age driven by perpetually evolving technology and systems, our students and researchers continue to uphold that mindset – looking to anticipate the impending needs of society as we travel down new roads. With autonomous vehicles beginning to emerge to the forefront, leading professor Richard Yu aims to ensure the safety of tomorrow’s “drivers”, having recently been awarded nearly $1 million by the Canadian Safety and Security Program to enhance the security of connected vehicles and the communication systems that power them. Our stellar graduates also continue to bring technology to new heights, such as aerospace engineering alumnus Andrew Rader, who was recently featured within Carleton’s CU75 campaign. Working as a Mission Manager at SpaceX, Rader currently leads a team which coordinates the technical aspects behind launching a multi-satellite mission on the company’s reusable Falcon Heavy rocket. Through their involvement with Carleton’s co-op program, current students are impacting industry before they even graduate. Working with Kanata-based technology leader DRS Technologies Canada, a pair of undergraduates have been developing key software for the company’s all-new “black box” flight recorder, which is set to take to the skies in 2019 with the potential to revolutionize our understanding of air disasters and how to avert them in the future. Here on campus, students from a variety of engineering and design programs are breaking new ground and pushing the limits of sustainable design with their innovative Capstone project to develop and construct a highly efficient net-zero tiny house. The School of Information Technology also looks to prepare students with a dynamic skillset in response to emerging industry needs by partnering with the School of Journalism and Communication to offer an all-new Bachelor of Media production and Design program, set to launch in the fall of 2018. Lastly, as Carleton’s 75th anniversary draws to a close, I would like to personally thank everyone who took part in the university’s special yearlong celebration. During Carleton’s Throwback homecoming festivities, our Faculty welcomed the opportunity to reconnect with alumni, friends and colleagues. We look forward to continuing this dialogue with each of you and further engaging with the community as we advance into 2018 and the next 75 years of engineering and design at Carleton. Fred F. Afagh, PhD, P.Eng, SMAIAA Interim Dean, Faculty of Engineering and Design On the Cutting Edge of Innovation On the cover Over the past six months, co-op students Kevin Guy (left) and Shasthra Ranasinghe have been developing software for an all-new deployable flight recorder with DRS Technologies Canada. Photo: Ainslie Coghill The Department of University Advancement protects your personal information. It is used by the university to inform you about programming, events, and offers from our affinity partners, to communicate Carleton news, and for fundraising purposes. To update your name or address or stop mail, please contact Advancement Services at 1-800-461-8972. FSC Label – Portrait Artwork Matrix FSC Label Artwork Cert no. XXX-XXX-XXX FSC_MS_1_PPC.EPS FSC_MS_1_PPC.JPG FSC_MS_1_PPC.TIF XX% FSC_MS_2_PPC.EPS FSC_MS_2_PPC.JPG FSC_MS_2_PPC.TIF Cert no. XXX-XXX-XXX FSC_100_PPC.EPS FSC_100_PPC.JPG FSC_100_PPC.TIF Cert no. XXX-XXX-XXX FSC_MS_1_PNC.EPS FSC_MS_1_PNC.JPG FSC_MS_1_PNC.TIF XX% FSC_MS_2_PNC.EPS FSC_MS_2_PNC.JPG FSC_MS_2_PNC.TIF Cert no. XXX-XXX-XXX FSC_100_PNC.EPS FSC_100_PNC.JPG FSC_100_PNC.TIF Cert no. XXX-XXX-XXX FSC_MS_ FSC_MS_ FSC_MS_ XX% FSC_MS_ FSC_MS_ FSC_MS_ Cert no. XXX-XXX-XXX FSC_100_ FSC_100_ FSC_100_ FSC_Labels_English FSC_Labels_PPC FSC_Labels_Portrait Portrait / Positive / Colour (PPC) FSC_Labels_PNC Portrait / Negative / Colour (PNC) FSC_Labels_PPB Portrait / Positive / Black & Whit Newsletter Mission Statement Ingenious is published for alumni, faculty, staff, friends, and partners of the Faculty of Engineering and Design. The newsletter is intended to communicate the Faculty’s goals, strategic direction, and activities in order to connect alumni to each other and the university. 2 Ingenious