Universities and Colleges Partner with Communities to Build the Workforce of Tomorrow and Strengthen Local Economies

The presidents of Eastern Ontario’s five universities and four colleges have joined community and business leaders from the region to identify and develop new approaches to taking full advantage of the expertise of post-secondary schools.

We want to build on the strengths and address the challenges faced by Eastern Ontario communities. The task force is working collaboratively to develop and implement pilot projects on economic priorities in the region, especially for those that are particularly disadvantaged and vulnerable.

The task force is developing a Workforce Development Strategy and is engaged with municipal and community services as they prepare for a major generational change in the Eastern Ontario labour force.

Post-secondary schools already have a major impact in the region, with more than 29,000 full- and part-time employees, purchases of about $500 million a year in goods and services and annual operating expenditures of more than $2.4 billion. This is over and above the positive impacts of each institution’s research and education of a highly qualified workforce.

Our nine regional institutions have many courses and programs that will be especially relevant to the municipal and community services sector in the future.

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