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1385 Woodroffe Avenue
Ottawa, ON K2G 1V8
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Algonquin College of Applied Arts and Technology is a publicly funded English-language college and member of Polytechnics Canada located in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

Algonquin College in Ottawa

Algonquin College in Ottawa, Ontario.

Co-op Programs
The co-op program is designed to meet the needs of our students, employers and the College. How do we do that? For employers, we help you hire qualified and motivated staff to fulfill your short-term and future recruitment needs. Algonquin co-op students gain valuable on-the-job experience and build valuable networks to enhance their chances of getting the job they want upon graduation. Cooperative Education work terms help to ensure the academic programs can achieve important learning outcomes.

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Study full-time online or part-time online. Apply for a full-time online program for a full-time student experience without the commute, or register course-by-course as you follow a part-time program of study.

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Program Name Full-time Online Part-time Online
Autism and Behavioural Science x x
Child and Youth Care (Year 1) x x
Community and Justice Services (Year 1) x x
Contemporary Educational Practices x
Early Childhood Education x x
Early Childhood Education Administration x
Emergency Management x x
Fitness and Health Promotion (Year 1) x x
Fundraising Management x
Medical Transcription x
Nursing Unit Clerk x
Occupational Safety and Health x
Online Learning Design and Development x
Police Foundations x x
Sustainability Education x
Teachers and Trainers of Adults x
Victimology x
Working with Dementia Clients – Multidiscipline x