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Queen’s University at Kingston is a public research university in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. Founded on 16 October 1841 via a royal charter issued by Queen Victoria, the university predates Canada’s founding by 26 years.

Kingston, Ontario

Kingston, Ontario

Queen’s Undergraduate Internship Program (QUIP)

The Queen’s Undergraduate Internship Program (QUIP) provides students with a 12-16 month work experience. QUIP internships are paid, professionally supervised, career-related positions designed to offer second or third year students the opportunity to learn about current advances, practices and technologies in business and industry.

The program is open to domestic and international students in the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science, Faculty of Arts and Science, and School of Computing.

NEW! As of September 1st, 2016, only QUIP registrants are able to view QUIP postings in MyCareer. Please see the “How to Register for QUIP” section for more information and to download a registration form.

Click here for more information about the Queen’s Undergraduate Internship Program (QUIP).


ANAT 100 Anatomy of the Human Body
ANAT 270 Human Anatomy and Morphology
ARTH 120 Art in the West from Antiquity to Modernity
ARTH 250 Art, Society, and Culture
ARTH 354 Age of Rembrandt
ASTR 101 Astronomy I: The Solar System
ASTR 102 Astronomy II: Stars, Galaxies and the Universe
BCHM 218 Molecular Biology
BCHM 270 Biochemical Basis of Health & Disease
BIOL 102 Introductory Biology of Cells
BIOL 103 Introductory Biology of Organisms
BIOL 110 Human Genetics and Evolution
BIOL 111 Ecology and the Environment
BIOL 319 Introduction to Ethnobotany
BIOL 321 Animal Behaviour
BIOL 330 Cell Biology
CHEM 113 General Chemistry I: From Atoms to Matter
CHEM 114 General Chemistry II: Thermodynamic and Kinetics
CHEM 281 General Organic Chemistry I
CHEM 285 General Organic Chemistry II
CISC 101 Elements of Computing Science
CISC 102 Discrete Mathematics for Computing I
CISC 121 Introduction to Computing Science I
CLST 205 Ancient Humour
CWRI 295 Creative Writing I
DEVS 100 Canada and The "Third World"
DEVS 220 Introduction to Aboriginal Studies
DEVS 221 Topics in Aboriginal Studies
DEVS 230 Global Political Economy of Development
DEVS 240 Culture and Development
DRAM 205 Theatre in the Age of Film and Television
DRAM 211 Introduction to Theatre for Young Audiences
ECON 111 Introductory Microeconomics
ECON 112 Introductory Macroeconomics
ECON 223 Macroeconomic Policy
ECON 243 The Economics of Health Care
ENGL 100 Introduction to Literary Study
ENGL 200 History of Literature in English
ENGL 223 Selected Women Writers Post-1900
ENGL 237 Children’s Literature
ENGL 256 Shakespeare
ENGL 259 Global Shakespeare
ENGL 281 Legends of King Arthur: Medieval to Modern
FILM 140 Design Thinking
FILM 240 Media and Popular Culture
FILM 260 Digital Media Theory and Practice
FILM 300 Hollywood: The Dream Factory
FILM 335 Culture and Technology
FILM 340 Advertising and Consumer Culture
FREN 106 Communication et culture I
FREN 107 Communication et culture II
FREN 118 Communication et culture III
FRST 105 Reading French
FRST 125 Basic Business French
FRST 290 Paris: Through Literature, Painting, Cinema and Photography
GNDS 120 Women, Gender, Difference
GNDS 125 Gender, Race and Popular Culture
GNDS 215 Introduction to Sexual and Gender Diversity
GPHY 101 Human Geography
GPHY 227 Cities: Geography, Planning and Urban Life
HIST 124 Canada in the World
HIST 125 The Evolution of Modern Europe
HIST 200 India and the World
HIST 207 Global Indigenous Histories
HIST 214 Food in Global History
HIST 252 Africa in the Modern World
HIST 260 Canada from the Conquest to the  Present
HIST 263 War in the Twentieth Century: Myths and Reality
HIST 272 United States, Colonial Era to Present
HIST 280 Gender in North American History
HLTH 101 Social Determinants of Health
HLTH 200 Physical Fitness and Wellness
HLTH 230 Basic Human Nutrition
LAW 201 Introduction to Canadian Law
LLCU 209 Rio de Janeiro: The Marvelous City
MATH 121 Differential and Integral Calculus
MATH 225 Ordinary Differential Equations
MICR 270 Infection, Immunity and Inflammation
MUSC 102 Western Music: Napoleon to 9/11
MUSC 171 Social History Popular Music
MUSC 289 World Musics
MTHE 225 Ordinary Differential Equations
PHAR 100 Introductory Pharmacology
PHAR 270 Fundamentals of Pharmacology and Therapeutics
PHGY 210 Physiology for Health Sciences
PHIL 111 Great Works of Philosophy
PHIL 203 Science and Society
PHIL 240 Philosophy of Education
PHIL 259 Critical Thinking
PHYS 118 Basic Physics
PHYS P20 Physicists in the Nuclear Age
PSYC 100 Principles of Psychology
PSYC 205 Introduction to Comparative Cognition
PSYC 235 Abnormal Psychology
PSYC 251 Developmental Psychology
PSYC 271 Brain and Behaviour I
PSYC 333 Human Sexuality
PSYC 370 Brain and Behaviour II
PSYC 397 History of Modern Psychology
RELS 131 World Religions/Religious Worlds
SOCY 122 Introduction to Sociology
STAT 263 Introduction to Statistics
WRIT 120 Fundamentals of Effective Writing
WRIT 125 Fundamentals of Academic Essay Writing
WRIT 225 Writing in Academic Contexts
WRIT 240 Writing for Social Media and the Web
WRIT 250 Writing in Business Contexts
WRIT 265 Editing in Academic and Professional Contexts
WRIT 290 Writing Literary Non-Fiction