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The University of Ottawa is a bilingual public research university in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. The main campus is located on 42.5 hectares in the residential neighbourhood of Sandy Hill, adjacent to Ottawa’s Rideau Canal.



With the University of Ottawa’s online courses, you can meet with your professor and classmates online, exchanging ideas and doing activities together just as you would in a traditional course. The time commitment required for this course and its content is the same as for a traditional course. You carry out your course work, including online discussions, papers and other activities, from September to December for the Fall session and from January to April for the Winter session. You also follow the same important academic dates and deadlines.

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CMN1160- Introduction to Media Studies – Winter
CMN1560- Introduction à l’étude des médias – Winter
HIS1111- The Twentieth-Century World from 1945 – Fall
HIS3397- Selected Topics in History – Winter
TRA3555- Initiation à la terminologie et à la terminotique – Fall
Health Sciences
HSS1101- Determinants of Health – Winter
HSS1501- Déterminants de santé – Winter
Human Kinetics
APA4100- Research Project – Fall and Winter
APA4500- Projet de recherche – Fall and Winter
Interprofessional Health Care Practice
SAI4120- Interprofessional Health Care Practice – Winter
SAI4520- Pratique interprofessionnelle en soins de santé – Winter
NSG4101- History of Canadian Nursing, 1850-1975 – Winter
NSG4501- Histoire des soins infirmiers canadiens – 1850 à1975 – Winter
NSG4505- Soins infirmiers de la grossesse à risques – Volet antépartum – Fall
NSG4570- Les principes et les pratiques de l’allaitement maternel – Winter
Droit (certificate)
DCC2303- Legal Aspects of Human Rights – Fall and Winter
DCC2703- Dimensions juridiques des droits de la personne – Fall and Winter
DCC3110- Inter-American System of Human Rights – Fall and winter
DCC3111- Human Rights in the Age of Universal Declaration – Winter
DCC3112- Human Rights and Justice in Africa: Theory and Practice – Fall and Winter
DCC3512- Droits de la personne et justice en Afrique : théorie et pratique – Winter
MAT1339- Introduction to Calculus and Vectors – Fall
MAT1720- Calcul différentiel et intégral I – Fall
MAT1739- Introduction au calcul et vecteurs – Fall
Conflict Studies and Human Rights
ECH3330- Special Topics in Conflict Studies and Human Rights – Winter
Political Science
POL1501- Introduction à la science politique – Fall
PSY1501- Introduction à la psychologie : fondements – Fall
PSY2105- Child Development – Winter
SOC1501- Éléments de sociologie – Fall