Photo of Jason Scott

Jason Scott

M.Sc. Student

I graduated from OntarioTech University in April 2020 with bachelor’s in mechanical engineering.  I have always loved to get to the bottom of how things work, and engineering is the only schooling I ever saw myself doing. Halfway through my undergrad I started to realize I wanted more than what the undergraduate program could offer me. I knew that I wanted to further my knowledge and understanding of engineering principles within the aerospace field. One of my top interests in the aerospace field is jet engine combustion and propulsion.

I am very excited for my master’s opportunity at Carleton University with the EPTL. I am a very outdoorsy person, and so far, I love the outdoor activity that the city of Ottawa provides for me. I began my graduate program in September 2020 and my research is primarily on soot nanoparticle emissions from jet engine like fuels. This field of research is very important to me because it allows me to combine my love of the outdoors and how the aerospace industry affects our environment with my excitement for jet engines!