Photo of Mo Adib

Mo Adib

Ph.D. student

Degrees:M.Sc. (Amirkabir University of Technology)

Mo Adib is a PhD student in Mechanical Engineering program at Carleton University.  He received his B.Sc (2013) and M.Sc (2016) degrees from Amirkabir University of Technology (AUT) focusing on computational fluid dynamics (CFD) methods for multiphase flows. After graduation, he joined a research group in Mechanical Engineering Department of AUT and studied particle-laden flows. He collaborated with Shabihsazan Sharif (IRANSYS) on the integration of phase change material in solar collectors and heat transfer enhancement effect of aluminum oxide nanoparticles. Moving towards his passion for programming, he got the hang of web-development technologies, consolidated his knowledge in several free-lance projects, and worked as front-end web developer at Digikala Group.

Fluid flow, heat transfer, and phase change have been the dominant themes of his research. He started with the fundamental study of incompressible flow in a helical annulus. For his master’s thesis, he conducted a series of simulations and measurements to track the air-water interface in the jet impingement configuration, which provided important insights on the shape and oscillation of water cavity. He was part of the team effort to prove the superiority of continuous random walk (CRW) models for description of dispersion effect in particle-laden swirling flows. He has also worked on thermal regulation of photovoltaic panels, insulation in Ethylene storage tanks, and droplet generation in microfluidic devices. His research in the EPTL group is driven by multiscale modelling of soot formation and evolution in flames.