European Union Centre of Excellence, Dalhousie University

The European Union Centre of Excellence (EUCE) was established at Dalhousie University in 2006. The Centre aims to utilize cutting-edge research undertaken by faculty members across the university campus to enhance the awareness and understanding of government stakeholders, the general public, and members of the academic community (students and faculty) on a range of topics pertaining to EU-Canada relations, comparative EU-Canada public policies, and EU policies more generally. The Centre’s programme for 2013-2016 examines a set of pressing policy themes affecting Europe and Canada today, with a particular emphasis on the implications for the Atlantic region. These themes include environmental and energy security; international trade; health care delivery; and the connection between migration and security. By comparing Europe and Canada, the goal is to highlight relevant lessons that the two partners across the Atlantic can learn from each other. The EUCE at Dalhousie involves faculty members from multiple departments within the Faculties of Arts and Social Science, Health Professions, Law, and Science, and two specialized research entities – the Centre for Foreign Policy Studies and the Marine and Environmental Law Institute. The results of the research and outreach activities consist of workshops and roundtables, public lectures and videoconferences, a web-based media strategy to facilitate public access, academic conferences, and publications. The results will also be incorporated into new academic offerings through the creation of courses and/or the inclusion of new EU-targeted modules into existing course offerings. The EUCE will draw upon its many contacts, at EUCE centres within Canada and globally, as well as in member states, to bring EU visiting scholars to Dalhousie in support of the various outreach initiatives. It will also support the outbound exchange of Canadian students and faculty to EU member organizations and universities, to provide opportunities to gain invaluable first-hand experience and knowledge.