Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD)  is a thin film technique for depositing Ångström level thicknesses of a variety of materials (here is an excellent, open-source review) . We have three industrial tools, all Picosun reactors. One is a thermal tool equipped with a high-temperature precursor source, one is a similar thermal tool with a very large chamber, and one is a plasma tool equipped with a total of twelve possible precursor sources including three heated bubblers, an ozone source, and four different plasma sources.

Thermal Tools

These tools are generally used for oxides and metals. The smaller tool has a PicoSolid booster source, letting us use precursors that require heating, and has Peltier-cooled sources for trimethyl aluminum, water, diethyl zinc, etc.  It can handle substrates up to 150 mm in diameter, and the larger thermal tool can easily accommodate 300 mm diameter substrates.

Plasma Tool

Our plasma tool is equipped with several precursor lines, including two PicoSolid boosters and one PicoHot source. There is an ozone source, and plasma sources currently include O2, N2 and H2.  We can accommodate novel chemistry in both the thermal bubblers and on the plasma line.

Runs cost $100 + 100/hr on each tool

If you require exotic precursors, or are curious about a discount for multiple runs, these can be incorporated into your quote.  If you are not providing substrates, those costs can be included as well.