The Facility for Nanosciences, Surfaces, and Sensor I
nterfaces has several tools and services that we employ in a for-fee fashion:

  • Micro-fabrication – the Carleton University Microfabrication Facility can be used by outside users. Training and extendeed use are available
  • Click here for academic fees
    Click here for industrial fees
  • Thermal Characterization – thermal characterization of precursor compounds is almost always done in a thermogravimetric analyser. Our system (TA Q500 TGA) is housed in an inert atmosphere glove box and can be used to determine several aspects of a precursor’s thermal behaviour.
  • Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) – we have two Picosun R150 ALD reactors, one set up for thermal processes, and one advanced tool for thermal, ozone, and plasma processes.
  • Consultation – generally, data interpretation and sample shipping are included in for-fee costs, but if you need further help (e.g., defining a process, inventing a precursor), then we can help.