The From Intention to Action (FIT: Action) program supports undergraduate and graduate students in the often stressful university experience. We help students to better manage stress and improve their academic performance, by navigating the personal stressors that can often get in the way of school. FIT: Action students meet 1-on-1 with a Coordinator for 1 hour every week for 12 consecutive weeks. Our Coordinators are staff members or Master’s-level interns trained in counselling.

Often students feel overwhelmed and aren’t sure where to go. The most common ways we help are: supportive counselling, stress management, coping skills, time managment, and learning strategies.

Want to join, or just test it out?

If you are interested in FIT: Action, you have 2 options:

  1. Call 613-520-2600 x 1028 or email to discuss scheduling a 1-hour intake interview. During this meeting, you will get to discuss your situation and your needs, and learn more about FIT: Action. On the basis of this interview, you will either be given application instructions, or referred to a more appropriate resource. Please note that because of limited spaces, not every student who applies to FIT: Action will be offered a spot. Interested students should read the Program Components section of this website to learn about the committment required.
  2. Visit our front desk on the 4th floor of MacOdrum Library (or contact our Team Leader at, 613-520-2600 x 1028) to book a “sample” session with one of our Coordinators. During this 1-hour session you can tell your story, receive supportive counselling, and get a sense of what a FIT: Action session feels like. You may also receive the support you need if you are just having a tough week and need to talk to someone. After your one-off sample session, you may choose to book a 1-hour intake interview if you would like to apply to FIT: Action; however, please note that you are not guaranteed a spot, nor are you guaranteed to be assigned the same Coordinator with whom you met in your sample session.

“I think some students need to hit rock bottom before they want help. Sometimes you need to surrender and have someone help you build a plan.” – Former FIT: Action student