Mandate: This program was designed to prevent suspension and drop-out for students who are experiencing significant stress during their post-secondary education, as well as to promote mental health and prevent distress from escalating towards mental illness. Therefore, the program aims to improve both mental health and learning strategies on an ongoing basis.

Participation in the FIT: Action program is voluntary, and these services are provided at no cost.

Target population:

  • Undergraduate and graduate students who are experiencing stress, which may interfere with their academic progress
  • Students who are motivated and willing –despite their challenges –to make the commitment to receive weekly support and take advice from FIT: Action staff

Students who are experiencing major crises or mental health concerns (such as suicidal ideation, eating disorders, bipolar disorder, and addictions) may participate in FIT: Action for general stress-related and academic counselling, but will also be referred to Health and Counselling Services for treatment specifically geared to these clinical issues.