Photo of Mary Coulas

Mary Coulas

National food policy; Public policy; Public administration; School food

Degrees:Ph.D. Candidate

Department: Department of Political Science


Selected Publications

Andrée, P., P. Ballamingie, & M. Coulas. (2021). Integrative governance for ecological public health: An analysis of ‘Food Policy for Canada’ (2015-2019). Canadian Food Studies. [forthcoming].

Andrée, P., M. Coulas, & P. Ballamingie. (2019). Canada’s National Food Policy: The political basis for coordination and integration. In H. McLeod-Kilmurray, N. Chalifour, & A. Lee (Eds.) Food law and policy in Canada. Carswell Publishing (Thomson Reuters Canada). ISBN: 978-0-7798-9152-8

Andrée, P., M. Coulas, & P. Ballamingie. (2018). Governance recommendations from forty years of national food policy development in Canada and beyond. Canadian Food Studies, 5(3): 6-27. Available at: DOI: 10.15353/cfs-rcea.v5i3.283