Award-winning teaching and scholarship

We live in a time of tumultuous change in global and domestic affairs. The climate emergency, migration crises, poverty and inequality, sexism and racism, nuclear proliferation, and the return of great power competition are among the many urgent, complex and interconnected challenges we face. Our diverse team of internationally renowned and award-winning teachers and scholars investigate these and other challenges.

Carleton is one of the top-ranked universities for political science in Canada. Our location in the national capital provides unparalleled professional opportunities for our students. Carleton political science graduates work in the federal or provincial public service, local government, political parties, non-governmental organizations, research and consulting, diplomacy, and global agencies.

Undergraduate degrees

The Department of Political Science offers programs in two undergraduate degrees — the BA and the Bachelor of Global and International Studies. You are welcome to contact  Sarah Landry, our Undergraduate Program Administrator, with any questions you may have.

Graduate degrees

The Department of Political Science offers programs at both the MA and PhD levels. You are welcome to contact Brookes Fee, our Graduate Program Administrator, with any questions you may have.

Why study Political Science at Carleton? Hear from our students and professors

Carleton University’s undergraduate and graduate programs in Political Science offer a supportive learning environment and can lead to many rewarding professional careers. In this video, some of our professors and students explain why Political Science is a fascinating field of study, and why Carleton is a great place to pursue a Political Science degree.