Course Outlines Fall 2022

*course outlines will be posted as they become available.

FYSM 1611 A Netflix and Politics Sucharov, Mira
FYSM 1611 B Gender, Race & Pol Exclusion Tolley, Erin
FYSM 1611 C Politics of the Internet and Social Media Mattan, Andrew
GPOL 2500 A Debates in Comp Politics Ibrahimi, Said
GPOL 3000 A Global & Comparative Politics Ettinger, Aaron
PSCI 1100 A Democracy in Theory & Practice Hurrelmann, Achim
PSCI 1100 O Democracy in Theory & Practice Dyck, Rand
PSCI 1200 A Politics in the World Shankland, Amanda
PSCI 2002 A Cdn Politics and Civil Society Hameed, Asif
PSCI 2003 A/B Canadian Political Institution Piersig, Elsa
PSCI 2101 A Comparative Politics of the Global North Humniski, Akaysha
PSCI 2200 A Introduction to U.S. Politics Haussman, Melissa
PSCI 2301 A History of Political Thought I Marcotte-Chenard, Sophie
PSCI 2301 B History of Political Thought I Ghandeharian, Sacha
PSCI 2500 A – revised Gender and Politics Robinson, Lindsay
PSCI 2601 A IR: Global Politics Ettinger, Aaron
PSCI 2602 A IR: Global Political Economy Shehu, Ilirjan
PSCI 2701 A Intro Res Methods in Pol Sci Bhatia, Vandna
PSCI 2701 B – revised Intro Res Methods in Pol Sci Ibrahimi, Said
PSCI 3007 A Constitutional Politics in Cda Iacovino, Raffaele
PSCI 3100 A Politics of Dev in Africa Odoom, Isaac
PSCI 3107 A The Causes of War Atack, Peter
PSCI 3207 A Gov’t & Politics of Euro Integ Weinar, Agnieszka
PSCI 3307 A Politics of Human Rights Atack, Peter
PSCI 3312 A Enlightenment Pol. Thought Hanvelt, Marc
PSCI 3407 A Public Opinion & Public Policy White, Stephen
PSCI 3502 A Gender & Politics:Global South Solanki, Gopika
PSCI 3601 A Theories of Int’l Politics Jaeger, Hans-Martin
PSCI 3606 A Canadian Foreign Policy Van Rythoven, Eric
PSCI 3703 A  Governing in Global Economy Germain, Randall
PSCI 3801 A Environmental Politics Andree, Peter
PSCI 3802 A/ ANTH.SOCI 3027 A Globalization & Human Rights Ljubisic, Davorka
PSCI 3906 Full credit internship course information & forms Bhatia, Vandna
PSCI 3907 Half credit internship course information & forms Bhatia, Vandna
PSCI 4005 A/5101 F Canadian Federalsim Iacovino, Raffaele
PSCI 4008 A – revised Nat’l Security & Intelligence Ibrahimi, Said
PSCI 4105 A Slctd Prob:Devlp Global Sth Atack, Peter
PSCI 4303 A/5303 F Governmentality and Politics Walters, William
PSCI 4316 A/5915 F Contemporary Pol. Theory I Marcotte-Chenard, Sophie
PSCI 4404 A Design Evolution Public Inst Bennett, Scott
PSCI 4500 A Gender & Globalization Solanki, Gopika
PSCI 4503 A/ /EURR 4207 A Politics of Central Eurasia Sahadeo, Jeffery
PSCI 4506 A Women and Politics in N.A. Haussman, Melissa
PSCI 4603 A Analysis of IPE Patriquin, James
PSCI 4606 A American Foreign Policy McDougall, Alex
PSCI 4801 A/ 5915 H Sel Prob in Global Politics: Global Labour Mobility Gabriel, Christina
PSCI 4801 B/5915 I / EURR 4201/5201 A Sel Prob in Global Politics Portela, Clara
PSCI 4803 A Foreign Pol of Major East Asia Wu, Der-Yuan (Max)
PSCI 4809 A Honours Sem on a Sel Top: Sports and Politics Cross, William
PSCI 4809 B/ 5915 G Honours Sem on a Sel Top: Ethnographic Research Methods Coe, Cati
PSCI 4809 C Honours Sem on a Sel Top: Indigenous Political Activism Maracle, Gabriel
PSCI 4901 Tutorial in a Selected Field Bhatia, Vandna
PSCI 4908 Honours Research Essay Bhatia, Vandna
PSCI 5303 F Governmentality and Politics Walters, William
PSCI 5504 F/ PECO 5503/ SOCI 5503 Sel Topics in Work & Labour I
PSCI 5602 F Ethics in International Relat Robinson, Fiona
PSCI 5700 A Basic Research Methods Bennett, Scott
PSCI 5705 F App. to the Stud of Pol. Theor Hanvelt, Marc
PSCI 5810 F Approaches in Enviro. Politics Andree, Peter
PSCI 5915 J/ PECO 5002/ SOCI 5805 Special Topics in Political Sc Stinson, Jane
PSCI 6000 A – revised Political Process in Canada I White, Stephen
PSCI 6200 F Theorizing Gender & Diversity Robinson, Fiona
PSCI 6600 F Theory & Res.: Int’l Poli 1 Sloan, Elinor
PSCI 6907 F Thesis Proposal Workshop I Germain, Randall