Course Outlines Winter 2024

FYSM 1611 D Issues & Politics of the City Maracle, Gabriel
GPOL 1500 A Debates in Global Politics Geiger, Martin
PSCI 1100 B Democracy in Theory & Practice Chandler, Andrea
PSCI 1200 B Politics in the World Shankland, Amanda
PSCI 1500 B Technology, Nature, Power Meadowcroft, James
PSCI 2002 B Cdn Politics and Civil Society Halladay, Leonard
PSCI 2003 C/D Canadian Political Institution Tolley, Erin
PSCI 2200 A Introduction to U.S. Politics Haussman, Melissa Ann
PSCI 2301 B Hist of Political Thought I Roberts, Amanda
PSCI 2302 B Hist of Political Thought II Hanvelt, Marc
PSCI 2500 B Public Affairs Analysis Solanki, Gopika
PSCI 2601 B IR: Global Politics Schmidt, Brian
PSCI 2602 B IR: Global Political Economy Shehu, Ilirjan
PSCI 2701 B Quant Res Methods in Pol Sci Ibrahimi, Said Yaqub
PSCI 2702 B Quant Res Methods in Pol Sci White, Stephen
PSCI 3004 B Political Parties and Election Foster, Emilie
PSCI 3100 A Politics of Dev in Africa Odoom, Isaac
PSCI 3105 A Imperialism Sahadeo, Jeffery
PSCI 3108 A Politics of Popular Culture Winn, Conrad
PSCI 3208 B Modern Ideologies Chandler, Andrea
PSCI 3303 A Feminist Political Theory Roberts, Amanda
PSCI 3407 A Public Opinion & Public Policy White, Stephen
PSCI 3601 A Theories of Int’l Politics Jaeger, Hans-Martin
PSCI 3607 A N. Amer. Security&Defence Pol McDougall, Alexander
PSCI 3702 B Israeli-Palestinian Relations Sucharov, Mira
PSCI 3802 B/ ANTH 3027 B/ SOCI 3027 B Globalization & Human Rights Ljubisic, Davorka
PSCI 3809 B/ AFRI 3005 A Sel Topics in Political Sci Oloruntoba, Samuel
PSCI 4004 A Sport and Politics Cross, William
PSCI 4104 A Theory& Prac: Devl in Glob Sth Odoom, Isaac
PSCI 4109 A Politics of Cdn Charter Rights Marder, Lev
PSCI 4206 B/  PSCI 5100 A Indigenous Politics of N.Am. Maracle, Gabriel
PSCI 4318 A/ PSCI 5308 A Concepts of Pol. Community I Cordner, Colin
PSCI 4500 A Gender & Globalization Solanki, Gopika
PSCI 4702 A/ PSCI 5702 W Interm Rsrch Meth for App PSCI Bennett, Scott
PSCI 4800 A Adv Int’l Relations Theory Robinson, Fiona
PSCI 4801 B Sel Prob: The Rise and Fall of American Hegemony Schmidt, Brian
PSCI 4803 A Foreign Pol of Major East Asia Wu, Max
PSCI 4805 A/ PSCI 5802 W Pol. Economy of Global Finance Germain, Randall
PSCI 4806 A Transatlantic Security Issues Ettinger, Aaron
PSCI 4808 A Global Environmental Politics Andree, Peter
PSCI 4809 A Sel Top: Secrecy & Politics Walters, William
PSCI 5003 W Political Parties in Canada Cross, William
PSCI 5111/ EURR 5205 A/ INAF 5807 W Euro Union & Eastern Neighbors DeBardeleben, Joan
PSCI 5112 A/ EURR 5101 A Russian Domestic Politics Dutkiewicz, Piotr
PSCI 5113 A/ EURR 5113 A Democrac in the European Union Humniski, Akaysha
PSCI 5200 A Nationalism Coe, Cathleen
PSCI 5310 W History of Political Thought Hanvelt, Marc
PSCI 5502 A/PECO 5502 W/ SXST 4104 W/ WGST 5901 C/ SOCI 5505 A Issues in Political Economy II Rivers-Moore, Megan
PSCI 5502 W/PECO 5502 Y/ SOCI 5505 W Issues in Political Economy II FitzGerald, Maggie
PSCI 5505 W Selec. Topics Work & Labour II FitzGerald, Maggie
PSCI 5602 W Ethics in International Relat Robinson, Fiona
PSCI 6106 W Comparative Politics II Macdonald, Laura
PSCI 6301 W Political Theory II Jaeger, Hans-Martin
PSCI 6408 W Public Affairs Mgmt & Analysis Bennett, Scott
PSCI 6908 W Thesis Proposal Workshop II Gabriel, Christina