Choosing a Concentration

By the end of 1st year, and prior to registration for 2nd year, Political Science undergraduate students may choose to declare a concentration.

A concentration is a way of enhancing your degree by selecting a group of 2nd, 3rd, and 4th year courses that are thematically related. If you are passionate about one of our areas of specialization, the relevant concentration will provide you with a “road map” that will help you choose the best courses for you.

In addition, your concentration will be formally recognized when you graduate. Your diploma will explicitly state “BA in Political Science with a concentration in [the area that you have chosen]”.

You will be able to use it to show future employers or graduate programs that you have acquired expertise in an area of Political Science that goes beyond the typical undergraduate degree.

The program offers concentrations in three areas:

Canadian Politics and Public Policy 
International Relations and World Politics
Power and Political Ideas

The following concentrations will no longer be offered after 2023-2024:

Canadian Politics
Comparative Politics and Area Studies (Global North)
Comparative Politics and Area Studies (Global South)
Gender and Politics
International Relations
North American Politics
Political Theory
Public Affairs and Policy Analysis

Frequently Asked Questions About Concentrations

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The above information is just an introduction to concentrations. So, if you have more questions,
please contact us at to speak with the Political Science Program Advisor.

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