International Internship Program

International internship placements are an excellent way to gain real-world work experience, develop contacts in your field and build your resume to market yourself for future career opportunities. Political Science undergraduate students can work internationally for academic credit – GINS 3930 is half a credit for a 6-week internship, GINS 3931 is a full credit for a 12-week internship, and are counted toward your elective requirements.

Internships are available in the fall, winter and summer term, and can be customized to fit your course schedule. The positions are unpaid, but students enrolled in the program are eligible for the International Internship Bursary, which offers up to $2500 to support the experience.


In order to be eligible for the program, students must:

  • have a minimum 6.5 CGPA
  • have 2nd year standing by the time they start their internship
  • be registered in an Undergraduate degree program at Carleton.

For more information on partner organizations, student experiences, and how to apply, contact the International Internship Program.

Internship in Global Politics

The GPOL Internship is (GPOL 3100) is currently suspended. GPOL students should consult the calendar for alternatives.

GPOL 3100 is an option available to students with third-year standing in the Global Politics Specialization of the Bachelor of Global and International Studies degree. It  offers 2.5 credits to students who complete a full-time, 12 week internship with a host organization engaged in some aspect of Global Politics. The internship involves a combination of practical work with a host organization, weekly written reflections, and a research project on a topic related to the internship, leading to a 6000-7000 word essay.

Normally scheduled in the Winter Term of the student’s third year, internships may be undertaken in Canada or overseas with a host organization engaged in some aspect of Global Politics.