PhD Students

PhD Candidates (Thesis Proposal Approved)

PhD Graduates 2015 – present



Thesis Title

Thesis Supervisor

James Patriquin March 2024 The Technologies of Global Governance: Money, Finance, and Power in the Era of Digital Currency Randall Germain
William Little January 2024 Reason, Hierarchy, and Political Stability in the English Enlightenment Marc Hanvelt
Taylor Green September 2023 Technological Modernity: A Study of Hegel and Heidegger on the Mastery of Nature Waller R. Newell
Louise Cockram August 2023 A Process, not just an Event: MP Orientation and Representational Styles and Focus in Canada and the UK Jonathan Malloy
Wenjing Gao May 2023 Encountering the BRI: India’s Pride and Prejudice? Jeremy Paltiel
Amanda Shankland April 2023 Cultivating Community: A Discursive Study of Environmental Water Policy in Farming Communities in the Murray-Darling Basin Peter Andrée
Akaysha Humniski September 2022 Gender Equality Mythologized? Depoliticization, Discourse, and Policymaking in a Post-Crisis European Union Achim Hurrelmann
Robin Currie-Wood September 2022 Re-Examining the Distribution of Decision-Making Power Within Canadian Political Parties William Cross
Victoria Tait May 2022 Backtalk: Implementing United National Security Council Rsoluation 1325 in the Canadian Armed Forces Melissa Haussman
Ethan Gao April 2022 The dialectic of logos and eros: Plato’s display of rhetoric in the Phaedrus and the Symposium Geoffrey Kellow
Barbra Chimhandamba January 2022 Celebrity Humanitarianism, Philanthropy and the Politics of Development in Sub-Saharan Africa Fiona Robinson
Blake Barkley January 2022 Revisiting the Politics of Asylum in Africa: Explaining Kenya’s Sub-National Policy Variation James Milner
Robin Varma November 2021 Ruling Bodies: On Coercion in the Statecraft of Plato Waller Newell
Federman Rodriguez September 2021 Why Different Powers Behave Similarly: A Neoclassical Realist Approach to American and Canadian Engagements in Afghanistan (2001-2014) Brian Schmidt
Rumbidzai Chimhanda September 2021 Diasporic Experiences of Everyday Multiculturalism: Navigating Race and Space Through African Women’s Beauty Practices Gopika Solanki
Gabrielle Sutherland September 2021 Pathways from the Semi-Periphery: The Cases of Japan (1853-1905) and Tonga (1770-1900) in the Modern World System Randall Germain
Noah Schwartz March 2021 Quick Draw History – the NRA, the Politics of Memory & the Great Gun Debate Mira Sucharov
Adazeh Momeni June 2021 The Role of Khatami’s Belief System in Changing Iranian Foreign Policy from 1997 to 2005 Farhang Rajaee
Wesley Petite January 2021 Resident Inclusion in the Age of Participation: A Study of Toronto’s Participatory Budgeting Pilot Project 2015-2017 Randall Germain
Lena Saleh December 2020 The Politics of Arab Pop: Arab Pop Music, Popular Culture, and Gender Norms in Lebanon Mira Sucharov
Stephen Smith October 2020 World Order with Chinese Characteristics Jeremy Paltiel
Sacha Ghandeharian August 2020 Navigating the Void: Subjectivity and Contemporary Critical Theory Fiona Robinson
Maggie FitzGerald August 2020 Pluriversality and Care: Rethinking Global Ethics Fiona Robinson
Dunja Apostolov-Dimitrijevic July 2020 Mapping the Global Balkans: The Governmentalities and Practices of Emerging Economy and EU Encounters in Serbia Hans-Martin Jaeger
Steven Orr April 2020 As the Planet Lost Its Orbit: The Myth of the Death of Political Philosophy Marc Hanvelt
Patrick Clark November 2019 Campesino Organizations and Public Policies in Ecuador: From Neoliberal to PostNeoliberal Rural Development, 2006-2016 Laura Macdonald
Viktoriya Thomson December 2018 From the Orange Revolution to Euromaidan? Political Culture of Ukrainian Society from 2004 to 2014 Andrea Chandler
Anna Gora October 2018 Irish Citizens and the Media During the Euro Crisis: An Inter-Arena Approach to Studying the Politicization of the EU Achim Hurrelmann
Tyler Chamberlain May 2018 Clarifying the Conflict Between Modern Science and Natural Right Waller Newell
Josée Bolduc April 2018 Disclosing the Tacit Identity in Majority Cultures Farhang Rajaee
Said Yaqub Ibrahimi March 2018 State Fragility and International Security: The Rise of Salafi-Jihadi Groups in a World of Fragile States Elinor Sloan
Megan Pickup January 2018 An emerging, post-neoliberal power: The practice of Brazilian South-South Cooperation in Haiti Laura Macdonald
Janice Freamo December 2017 Google, Grandfathers and God(s): Nietzsche and Plato on Ancestral Authority Tom Darby
Matthew Thompson December 2017 Maintaining Party Unity: Analyzing the Conservative Party of Canada’s Integration of the Progressive Conservative and Canadian Alliance parties William Cross
Jeffrey Collins December 2017 Executive (In) Decision? Explaining Delays in Canada’s Defence Procurement System, 2006-2015 Elinor Sloan
Christopher Miller November 2017 Testing the boundaries of employer-driven agricultural migration: privatization and the Temporary Foreign Worker Program, 2002-2011 Christina Gabriel
Eric Van Rythoven September 2017 The Fragility of Fear: the Contentious Politics of Emotion and Security in Canada Mira Sucharov
Michael Spacek September 2017 Mao in the Land of Nehru: State and Insurgent Space in India’s Hinterlands Gopika Solanki
Ajay Parasram March 2017 Becoming the State: Territorializing Ceylon, 1815-1848 Hans-Martin Jaeger
Ugur Yildiz March 2017 Tracing Asylum Journeys: Transnational Refugee Mobility to Canada via Turkey William Walters
Chantal Clement January 2017 The new governance of sustainable food systems: Shared insight from four rural communities in Canada and the EU Peter Andree
Daryl Kator January 2017 On the Kinship of Shakespeare and Plato Waller Newell
Jack MacLennan September 2016 From Protection to Policing: Military Air Power and the Governance of Humanitarian Crises, 1992-2011 Hans-Martin Jaeger
Emmet Collins August 2016 Why can’t we be friends? Informal Relations, Public Policy, and Federalism in Canada Jonathan Malloy

Raffaele Iacovino

Stephanie Redden August 2016 The ‘Feminization’ of the Everyday: Examining the Gendered Nature of Worker Resistance within the Transnational Call Center Industry Fiona Robinson

Christina Gabriel

Julia Calvert July 2016 Reclaiming Domestic Agency: International Investment Agreements and the Defence of Policy Space in Latin America Laura Macdonald
Colin Cordner July 2016 A Tale of Two Republics: Plato and Michael Polanyi on Science, Faith, and the Study of Man Tom Darby
Alan Stephenson April 2016 Canadian National Security Culture: Explaining Post 9/11 Canadian National Security Policy Outcomes Elinor Sloan
Michael To April 2016 China’s Quest for a Modern Constitutional Polity Tom Darby
Andrea Wagner March 2016 Errors of Commission: EU Accession and the struggle against corruption in Romania Jeremy Paltiel
Ayşegül Ergül February 2016 Walter Benjamin and Kitsch Politics in the Phantasmagorical Age Tom Darby
Dorian Kroqi January 2016 The President of the European Council and the quest for an EU democracy Achim Hurrelmann
David Perry October 2015 Purchasing Power: Explaining Variation in the Canadian Armed Forces’ use of Contracted Services Elinor Sloan
Tim Fowler September 2015 Fighting Back After the Neoliberal Assault: Class Formation, Class Politics, and the Canadian Autoworkers Christina Gabriel

Rianne Mahon

Scott Pruysers September 2015 Two Political Worlds?: Reconsidering Vertical Party Integration in Canada: Evidence From Ontario William Cross
David Matijasevich September 2015 Agonism and Antagonism: Past and Future Possibilities of Radical Democracy Achim Hurrelmann
Horia Nedelcu September 2015 Anti-Establishment Radical Parties in 21st Century Europe Joan DeBardeleben
Lesley Copeland May 2015 Pearl Harbor and American Intelligence Culture: Cultural Symbols in American Intelligence Discourse Communities, Meta-Theoretical Lenses and Multi-Perspective Approaches Mira Sucharov
Gustavo Morales Vega May 2015 Neoliberal Modernity Crisis in Latin America at the Twenty First Century: Social Cleavages, National Challenges and Hemispheric Revisionism Cristina Rojas
Hamed Mousavi April 2015 A Cultural Approach to Foreign Policy Analysis: The Role of Political Ideologies in Shaping Israeli Policy Toward the Peace Process Mira Sucharov
Nicolette O’Connor March 2015 Military Adaptation and Civil-Military Unity of Effort: A Historical Institutional Analysis of the American, British and Canadian Armed Forces in Afghanistan, 2001-2011 Elinor Sloan