Photo of Luiz Leomil

Luiz Leomil

PhD student

Luiz Leomil, BA (LaSalle Rio de Janeiro), MA (Carleton), started the PhD program in September 2021.

Languages: English, Portuguese, Spanish

Luiz’s research focus is on refugee policy, particularly in Latin America. For his dissertation project, Luiz hopes to study how countries in this region (such as Colombia and Peru) have responded to the displacement of Venezuelans and the factors influencing their responses. By doing so, he aims to promote a more nuanced understanding of the politics of asylum in Latin America and also advance the literature by making it more representative of the political realities in the region.

During his time at Carleton, Luiz has worked as a research assistant for the Local Engagement Refugee Research Network (LERRN), the Global Mobility of Talent Research Group, the GênLab: A Community of Practice on Gender Norms and Health Service, and the Lancet-SIGHT Commission on Peace, Justice, and Gender Equality for Healthy Societies.

Since 2020, Luiz has also been working alongside Dr. Ola El-Taliawi (Postdoctoral Fellow), to support her work to develop her manuscript on refugee policy in the Middle East, and Professor James Milner, to support a new initiative to define refugee policy as a sub-field of refugee and forced migration studies.

In 2021, Luiz was shortlisted for the Canadian Association for Refugee and Forced Migration Studies (CARFMS) 2021 essay contest. His essay, entitled “Displaced Venezuelans and the Politics of Asylum: The Case of Brazil’s Group Recognition Policy”, was based on his Master’s Research Project, supervised by Professor James Milner.

Outside academia, Luiz has experience working with refugees in Brazil and Canada, having worked with Caritas and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).

Selected Publications

Leomil, L. (2021). “Displaced Venezuelans and the Politics of Asylum: The Case of Brazil’s Group Recognition Policy.” Forthcoming in Carta Internacional (late 2021).

Leomil, L. (2021). “Latin America’s Refugee Crisis: What Can Canada Do to Help?” In iAffairs.

Gonçalves, F., Leomil, L. and Loureiro, G. (2020). “The International Refugee Regime: From its Emergence to its Internalization as Domestic Policy: a Case Study on Brazil.Brazilian Journal of International Relations, 42-71.

Leomil, L. and Geiger, M. (2021). “Global Talent Mobility, Innovation, and Growth: Case Study Brazil.”

Leomil, L., and Loureiro, G. (2019). “From Principle to Practice: A Study on Public Policies for Human Rights and the Case of Refuge in Canada.NEIBA – Cadernos Argentina-Brasil, 1-22.

Salles, D., and Leomil, L. (2019). “The Emergence of Private Sponsorship as a Norm for the Resettlement of Refugees: a case study of Canada’s pioneer role.” In Relações Internacionais em Perspectiva, by Gonçalves, F. and Salles, D., 131-165. Perdizes: PerSe.