Where can your degree take you?

Graduates of our programs have gone on to varied careers in the diplomatic core, academia, public service, policy analysis and opinion analysis fields, media and communications, law, research and consulting. They are employed in the public service at the federal, provincial, and municipal level; non-governmental and international organizations; think tanks, consultancies, and other private sector firms.

There are many career paths you can explore with a BA, an MA or a PhD in Political Science!

Find out what our Alumni have to say.

BA Alumni
MA Alumni
PhD Alumni

BA Alumni

A photo of Freshta Mohseni, a Carleton University Political Science Alumni
Freshta Mohseni, BA (2020)
Junior Policy Analyst, Federal Government

Julia Parsons, BA (2018)
Executive Assistant to MP Michelle Rempel Garner

A photo of Rumya Nithiananthan, a Carleton University Political Science Alumni
Rumya Nithiananthan, BA (2017)
Policy Analyst, Science and Parliamentary Infrastructure Branch, Public Service and Procurement Canada

A thumbnail image of Agathon Fric, A Carleton University Political Science Alumni
Agathon Fric, BA (2011)
Criminal defence lawyer

A photo of Andrew Retfalvi, a Carleton University Political Science Alumni of 2012
Andrew Retfalvi, BA (2012)
Director, Health & Life Sciences and Associate General Manager, Ontario @ Global Public Affairs

Megan Malone, BA (2011)
Senior Associate, Infrastructure & Information and Communication Technologies, Export Development Canada

A photo of Maria Jose Avendaño Chaves, a Carleton University Political Science Alumna
Maria Jose Avendaño Chaves, BA (2012)
Ethics Training Officer

A photo of Ivana Yelich, a Carleton University Political Science Alumna
Ivana Yelich, BA (2015)
Director of Media Relations, Office of the Premier of Ontario

A photo of Alex Callinan, Carleton University Political Science Alumna
Alexandra Callinan, BA (2012)
Lawyer and Founder of Callinan Immigration Law

Tejeshwar Sharma, BA (2014)
Senior Advisor, Access to Information and Privacy, Privy Council Office

A photo of Alina Shams, a Carleton University Political Science Alumni
Alina Shams, BA (2013)
Advisor, Corporate Affairs & Sustainability at IAMGOLD Corporation

Anca Gurzu, BA/BJ (2009)
Reporter, POLITICO

A photo of Jessica Parish, a Carleton University Political Science Alumna
Jessica Parish, BA (2006)
Health Policy Analyst, Ontario Chiropractic Association

Tyler Cox, BA (2005)
Manager, Legislative Services at the City of Ottawa

Justin Ferguson, BA (2007)
Vice President, Indigena Capital Partner, Aruna Resort and Villas, Belize

A photo of Timothy Ho, Carleton Political Science Alumni
Timothy Ho, BA (2006)
Police Officer, Royal Canadian Mounted Police

A photo of Elad Ratson, Carleton University Political Science Alumni
Elad Ratson, BA (2005)
Career Diplomat at the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs; Founder & CEO of Vayehee

A photo of Christopher Reed, Carleton University Political Science Alumnus
Christopher Reed, BA (2005)
Director of Parliamentary Affairs, Office of Senator Stephen Greene, Nova Scotia

A photo of Ryan Gauthier, a Carleton University Political Science Alumni.
Ryan Gauthier, BA (2006)
Associate Professor, Thompson Rivers University, Faculty of Law

Eric Burton, BA (2005)
President and CEO of Factor 5 Group

A photo of Andrea Mugny, a Carleton University Political Science Alumni.
Andrea Mugny, BA (2004)
Procedural Clerk, House of Commons & Senate of Canada

A photo of Sem Ponnambalam, A Carleton University Political Science Alumni of 2006
Sem Ponnambalam, BA (2002)
Co-founder and President of xahive

Jocelyne Guest, BA (2007)
Public Servant, Government of Canada

A photo of Dirk Druet, a Carleton University Political Science Alumni.
Dirk Druet, BA (2005)
Affiliate Researcher for McGill University’s Centre for International Peace and Security Studies; Non-resident Fellow for the International Peace Institute

Timothy B. Gravelle, BA (2000)
Senior Manager, Research Science at SurveyMonkey

MA Alumni

David Coletto
David Coletto, MA (2005)
CEO, Abacus Data

A photo of Stephen Dunbar, Carleton University Political Science Alumnus
Stephen Dunbar, MA (2008)
Director of Research and Committee Advisory Services, Northwest Territories Legislative Assembly

photo of Courtney Lockhart
Courtney Lockhart, MA (2015)
Program Manager, Policy & Government Relations

photo of Lucas Jerusalimiec
Lukas Jerusalimiec, MA (2018)
Research Officer

Jasmin Pettie, MA (2019)
Communications Coordinator

Khalid Shoukri, BA & MA (2020)
Policy Analyst at Public Safety Canada

Maximilian Kallenbach
Maximilian Kallenbach, Dual MA (2021)
Associate at the Embassy of Switzerland in Canada

Lashaunda Yates, MA (2019)
Advisor, Global Affairs Canada

PhD Alumni

photo of Joanna Sweet
Joanna Sweet, PhD (2012)
Senior Associate Lawyer with Greg Monforton and Partners

Kiera Ladner, PhD (2001)
Associate Professor of Political Science, University of Manitoba

Robert Sibley, PhD (2003)
Writer and Independent Scholar

photo of Gustavo Morales
Gustavo Morales, PhD (2015)
Associate Professor & Director, Political Science, Universidad Javeriana (Colombia)

photo of David Perry
David Perry, PhD (2016)
Vice President and Senior Analyst, the Canadian Global Affairs Institute

photo of Heather MacRae
Heather MacRae, MA (1998), PhD (2005)
Associate Professor, Dept. of Politics, York University

photo of Thomas Juneau
Thomas Juneau, PhD (2012)
Associate professor, Graduate School of Public and International Affairs, University of Ottawa

photo of Ugur Yildiz
Uğur Yıldız, PhD (2017)
Assistant Professor, International Relations, Aksaray University, Aksaray, Turkey

photo of Scott Streiner
Scott Streiner, (2002)
Senior Advisor, Deloitte; Mediator & Arbitrator, ADR Chambers

photo of Maggie FitzGerald
Maggie FitzGerald, (2020)
Assistant Professor, Department of Political Studies, University of Saskatchewan

photo of Noah Schwartz
Noah Schwartz, PhD (2021)
Assistant Professor (Limited Term Appointment), Department of Political Science, Concordia University

photo of David Matijasevich
David M Matijasevich, PhD (2015)
Political Science Instructor, Capilano University

photo of Andrea Wagner
Andrea Wagner, PhD (2016)
Assistant Professor, MacEwan University; Consultant for Bertelsmann Foundation

photo of Ajay Parasram
Ajay Parasram, PhD (2017)
Associate Professor, Dalhousie University

photo of John Cappucci
John Cappucci, PhD (2014)
Principal and Vice-Chancellor, Assumption University; Stephen Jarislowsky Chair in Religion and Conflict; Assistant Professor, Assumption University.

photo of Jack MacLennan
Jack MacLennan, PhD (2016)
Assistant Professor of Political Science; Graduate Program Director for National Security Studies; and also currently serving as the Park University Faculty Senate President (AY 21-22, Second Term).

photo of Wesley Petite
Wesley Petite, PhD (2021)
Policy Advisor for the Nova Scotia Federation of Municipalities

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