David Perry

photo of David Perry

Vice President and Senior Analyst at the Canadian Global Affairs Institute

PhD in Political Science, 2016

The Canadian Global Affairs Institute is a nonpartisan, independent think tank whose mission is to identify Canadian global interests and promote more active and effective international involvement through rigorous strategic and policy analysis and help inform Canadians on the connection between international affairs and a secure and prosperous Canada. I research and publish on Canadian defence issues, and host a weekly podcast, Defence Deconstructed. I work with the our team to shape the content we produce, including the papers we publish and conferences, webinars and workshops we host. I spend a lot of my time engaging with stakeholders in the media, across government, industry, allied diplomatic establishments in Ottawa and on Parliament Hill to promote our work, improve understandings of Canadian international policy issues, and understand people’s perspectives.

I was fortunate to be approached for this position while I was in the last year of completing my PhD, through the opportunities it provided to me in terms of research and public engagement on those topics, and the incredible networking opportunities that Carleton opens up to students in Ottawa. I still draw continuously on the research skills and actual work I produced for my degree at Carleton and the contacts I met while completing my doctorate all the time.