Welcome to Carleton and the Political Science BA and BA Honours programs! Please read this guide prior to registering in your first-year courses. You should also consult the Registrar’s degree guide for your program.

Your Degree Program

The BA Honours degree requires the completion of 20.0 credits. Of these, 10.0 must be in political science, and 10.0 credits are electives from other programs.

The BA degree requires the completion of 15.0 credits. Of these, 7.0 must be in political science, and 8.0 credits are electives from other programs.

A full course load for degree students is 5.0 credits over the fall and winter terms (2.5 credits in the fall and 2.5 credits in the winter). You may choose to take a reduced course load. For more information and some things to consider when deciding on your course load, you can consult the Advising Centre’s Reduced Course Load webpage.

Your Advisor

Please contact the Undergraduate Student Advisor, Sarah Landry, if you have any questions regarding your registration.

For more information regarding your First-Year experience, including information about orientation and student life, visit the First Year PSCI Students page.

Your First Year Course Selection Guide

Remember to register for both the Fall and Winter term courses when your time ticket opens!

Mandatory First Year Courses

  • PSCI 1100: Democracy in Theory and Practice [0.5 credit]
    This is a mandatory course for all first-year Political Science majors.
  • PSCI 1200: World Politics [0.5 credit]
    This is a mandatory course for all first-year Political Science majors.
  • AND, one of the following:
    • FYSM 1611: First Year Seminar [0.5 – 1.0 credit]
    • PSCI 1500: Technology, Nature, Power [0.5 credit]
    • PSCI 1501: Politics of Migration [0.5 credit]


To complete your full course load for each term, you may select courses based on your interests from a wide range of other programs. Some of these elective courses will count towards the Breadth Requirement for all BA students.

Looking for suggestions or ideas for electives? Have questions about what you can take? Contact the the Advising office.

  • Language requirement for BA Honours [1.0 credit]
    Students in the Honours program who cannot demonstrate proficiency in a second language other than English must complete one full credit in a language course at Carleton. This credit will count toward your electives.

Your Degree, Your Future

Explore Your Degree, Your Future to identify the skills you can develop through your program, to see future possibilities and career paths of recent graduates, and to find out how to improve your employability by getting involved and gaining experience.