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Studying political science with us at Carleton can help you make sense of the big transformations that will define your life and our world.

And, where better to study Political Science than right here in the nation’s capital, Ottawa? Our Capital Advantage provides you with unique learning resources and exciting opportunities that are unparalleled anywhere else in the country. A wealth of connections are at your fingertips; federal, provincial, and municipal government departments and agencies. Ottawa is home to many embassies, consulates and organizations. Carleton University is your connection to the world.

Political Science Undergraduate Handbook

Why Carleton?

Artur Estrela Da Silva
Political Science Honours Student (Concentration in International Relations)

“One of the great advantages of Carleton is the vast amount of clubs and academic societies that are supported by our students’ association.”

Navreet Sidhu
Political Science Honours Student (Concentration in International Relations)

“I think the most important reason I would recommend political science at Carleton is that you have a community feeling, you have a university that is invested in your success.”

What Can I Expect?

Justine Scobie
BA (Hons) Political Science (2020)

“The classes you take, the relationships with the professors, the relationships with your classmates, offers a holistic experience that makes you really want to apply yourself in the world and apply yourself in politics.”

What Can I Do After I Graduate?

Julia Parsons
BA (Hons) Political Science (2018)

“Being so close to Parliament and to the center of decision-making in our country opens a world of opportunities for internships and volunteer positions.”

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How Do I Apply?

For more information about the application and admissions process at Carleton, including admission criteria, dates and deadlines, visit Undergraduate Admissions. Be sure to sign up for Carleton360 so you can book a virtual campus tour and participate in our open-house events!

Is English not your first language? ESL students can still start a degree! Further details are provided on Carleton’s ESL page.

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