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Professor Jonathan Malloy
Bell Chair in Canadian Parliamentary Democracy
Professor Malloy talks about Carleton’s superb vantage point for studying Canadian Politics

Professor Aaron Ettinger
Professor Ettinger introduces our world-class program in International Relations and the unique learning experiences Carleton offers.

Professor Peter Andrée
Professor Andrée describes the expertise and many opportunities we offer students interested in environmental policy and politics.

BA Honours

In this four-year program, students study and debate politics in Canada and abroad, international relations, as well as political theory and methodology. In addition to introductory courses, specialized seminars with limited enrolment allow students to focus on particular topics or issues, such as electoral trends, new forms of political activism, or international conflicts. Students have the option of completing an Honours Research Essay in their final year.

BA Honours program requirements
More information on Honours Research Essay option

BA Combined Honours

This four-year program allows students to combine the BA Honours Program with another discipline, such as Law, Economics, or English. Students will study the same aspects of political science as those in the BA Honours, but they will become experts in two disciplines, rather than one.

BA Combined Honours program requirements


This three-year program provides foundational knowledge of politics in Canada and internationally, as well as in political theory or methodology. The program teaches you to probe a variety of sources for information, to make critical assessments of your findings, and to present them orally or in writing. Note that this program is not normally sufficient to continue to a graduate degree.

BA program requirements

BA Concentrations

In all our BA programs, students can pursue a concentration in a specialized area of study. A concentration will provide you with a road map that helps you select courses that focus on your selected area, and it will be formally recognized on your diploma when you graduate. We offer a concentration in the following fields:

Canadian Politics and Public Policy
International Relations and World Politics
Power and Political Ideas

More information can be found here about Choosing a Concentration

BGINS – Global Politics

The Department of Political Science is one of the participating departments in the Bachelor of Global and International Studies (BGINS), where it sponsors the specialization in Global Politics. The BGINS program allows students to pursue interdisciplinary studies related to international affairs and globalization. The Global Politics specialization allows students to focus their studies on courses in international politics, while students enrolled in other specializations may take Political Science courses as electives.

BGINS Program information

Minor in Political Science

Students registered in other degree programs at Carleton may register for the Minor in Political Science. The Minor includes an introduction to political science as well as selected political science courses in your area of interest.

Minor program requirements