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Aaron Ettinger

International Relations; International Political Economy; US Foreign Policy; Canadian Foreign Policy; International Relations pedagogy

Degrees:PhD (Queen’s), MA (Queen’s), BA (Waterloo)
Phone:613-520-2600 x 1598
Office:D698 Loeb

Assistant Professor

Aaron Ettinger specializes in International Relations and US foreign policy. His current research programme focuses on continuity and change in US foreign policy since 2001 and its implications for world order. Recent published work covers a range of issues including US and Canadian foreign policy, the private military industry, and International Relations pedagogy. His research appears in International Studies Perspectives, Security Dialogue, Millennium, International Journal, Canadian Foreign Policy Journal, Politics, Comparative Strategy, and Cambridge Review of International Affairs. In the classroom, his teaching programme embraces the “Global IR” agenda and its push for greater disciplinary inclusiveness and diversity.

Before joining the Department of Political Science at Carleton, he taught at the University of Waterloo, Dalhousie University, and Queen’s University.

Recent Publications

2020. Scattered and Unsystematic: The Taught Discipline in the Intellectual Life of IR. International Studies Perspectives. 1-24

2020. Is There a Left-Wing Foreign Policy Emerging in the United States? International Journal. 75 (1): 24-48.

2019. Principled Realism and Populist Sovereignty in Trump’s Foreign Policy. Cambridge Review of International Affairs: 1-22.

2018. “Trump’s National Security Strategy: America First: Meets the Establishment” International Journal. 73 (2): 474-483.

2017. “The Patterns and Implications of American Military Interventions in the Post-September 11 Era”. Canadian Foreign Policy Journal 23 (3): 205-217.

2017. “US National Security Strategies: Patterns of Continuity and Change, 1987–2015″. Comparative Strategy 36 (2): 115-128.

2016 (and Jeffrey Rice). “Hell is Other People’s Schedules: The Logic of Canada’s Limited-Term Military Commitments, 2001-2015″. International Journal. 71 (3): 371-392.

Courses in 2020-2021

PSCI 1200   | World Politics
GPOL 3000 | Global and Comparative Politics
GPOL 3100 | Internship in Global Politics
PSCI 4806   | Transatlantic Defence Issues