Heather MacRae

photo of Heather MacRae

Associate Professor, Department of Politics, York University

MA Political Science, 1998 & PhD Political Science, 2005

“After graduating from Carleton, I was lucky enough to take up a one year contract position in comparative politics (also in Carleton’s department of Political Science), and shortly after that I accepted a tenure track position at York University. I have focused my research on the European Union and gender politics. From 2014-2016 I held a Jean Monnet Chair as part of the EU’s Erasmus+ programme, and I currently hold a SSHRC Insight grant for a project entitled “The (In) Visibility of gender in the European Union” which looks at the ways in which gender initiatives are sidelined during times of perceived crisis.”

I often tell incoming MA students that grad school was the place where I learned how to think about the world and figure out what place I wanted to occupy within it…but more than that, it was the place where I met the best people and made longest lasting friendships. As those friends are now scattered across the globe, what we still share is our years at Carleton.