Timothy Ho

A photo of Timothy Ho

Timothy Ho
Police Officer, Royal Canadian Mounted Police

BA (Hons) in Political Science, 2006

During the third year of his undergraduate studies in Political Science, Timothy spent a year abroad on exchange at a partner university in the United Kingdom. In addition to his overseas studies, he volunteered his time with a youth literacy program in the east of England. That early exposure to life abroad and community service fostered an awareness of globalization and civic responsibility.

After graduating, Timothy was selected for a CIDA funded position with the Canadian Society for International Health to develop an HIV/AIDS curriculum at a partner institution in Kenya. Upon returning to Canada and completing an MA in a subset of international development studies, Timothy further refined his interest in institutional capacity building when he interned with the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) in Austria assisting in the development of security sector reform initiatives in Cambodia and Vietnam. Timothy subsequently realized a childhood ambition to join the Royal Canadian Mounted Police where he has contributed in various roles to investigations at the municipal, federal and transnational levels. Through his work with the RCMP, he has sought justice for victims of crime and worked to ensure the well-being of individuals and at-risk communities.

My studies in PoliSci and the opportunities I had as a student at Carleton equipped me with the critical thinking skills to help me situate facts within a global context and equipped me with the ability to zoom in on the details.